Our Story


bih-stoh – to present as a gift or honor

Kristan Clark and daughter Megan Clark invite you to join the conversation that inspired Bestow.  It started with an idea….

What if there was a place filled with the things we love? A wonderful and eclectic mix of relaxed and elegant collections that spoke to our heart and home, each piece carefully selected from across America and Europe; personal gifts, jewelry, lovely scents, salvaged treasures, home décor, and furniture.

What if you could step through the doors and feel embraced by loveliness and hospitality and the hustle and bustle of the day could melt away while browsing through a shop filled with inspiration?

What if there was a small venue with vintage charm and historical beauty for special celebrations? Somewhere that was away from home, but felt like home, a place for intimate gatherings with friends and family, parties, celebrations, meetings and more.

What if there was a place to gather for conversations, creative classes, inspiration, encouragement and laughter?

What if we could provide opportunities to join hands with our friends and neighbors to help women in need?

Kristan and Megan invite you to Give, Create, Inspire and Gather at BESTOW.  Let’s continue the conversation together.

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