Venue Rental

The Venue at BESTOW

The Venue at Bestow is reserved for retail sales through 2018.    

The Venue at BESTOW features gleaming hardwood floors, brick walls, tin ceilings and custom chandeliers dripping with crystals. French doors open to a beautiful room dressed in vintage details and furnishings, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.  Make your next celebration or event especially memorable at BESTOW.



The Venue:  $75.00 per hour.  Please allow time for setup and cleanup when calculating your time.

Commercial Kitchen:  At a flat rate of $30.00 per event the kitchen will be a great addition, making serving your guests a breeze.  Highly recommended.  

Business Meeting Special:  $50.00 per hour.  Available Monday- Thursday, qualifying meetings must be no more than 3 hours from start to finish, scheduled during regular business hours, and require minimal set up.

Full Day Special:  Reservations of 8 hours or more may qualify for special discount of one hour venue rental fee and kitchen fee.  Total discount of $105.00.

Beverage Service:  Bestow offers Beverage Buffet for a fee of $2.50 per person.  Beverages include coffee, tea, and water.   

Bestow offers a variety of items to embellish your special event, priced as follows:


Rental List

White Dinner Plate   $0.50
White Salad/Dessert $0.50
White Soup Bowl $0.50
White Cup/Mug $0.50
Antique Dinner Plate $1.25
Antique Salad/Dessert $1.25
Antique Soup Bowl $1.25
Antique Cup/Saucer $1.25
Antique Settings may be limited
Water Glass $0.35
Wine Glass $0.75
Champagne Glass $0.50
Flatware Place Setting $1.50
Spoons $0.25
Dessert/Salad Fork $0.25
Serving Ware $0.25
Salt & Pepper Shaker $0.50
Serving Platter Lg. $2.00
Serving Platter Sm. $1.00
Serving Bowl –White $3.00
Cream & Sugar Set $2.00
Large Coffee Maker $5.00
Pump Pot Single $2.00
Water Cooler w/Spigot $5.00
Napkin-White/Aqua $0.50
Table Cloth $10.00
Bistro Cloth $10.00
Table Runner $3.00
Votive $0.25

Prices are subject to change.


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Pricing subject to change.

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