Rental Fees

The Venue at BESTOW

The Venue at BESTOW features gleaming hardwood floors, brick walls, tin ceilings and custom chandeliers dripping with crystals. French doors open to a beautiful room dressed in vintage details and furnishings, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.  Make your next celebration or event especially memorable at BESTOW.



The Venue:  $75.00 per hour.  Please allow time for setup and cleanup when calculating your time.

Commercial Kitchen:  At a flat rate of $30.00 per event the kitchen will be a great addition, making serving your guests a breeze.  Highly recommended.  

Business Meeting Special:  $50.00 per hour.  Available Monday- Thursday, qualifying meetings must be no more than 3 hours from start to finish, scheduled during regular business hours, and require minimal set up.

Full Day Special:  Reservations of 8 hours or more may qualify for special discount of one hour venue rental fee and kitchen fee.  Total discount of $105.00.

Beverage Service:  Bestow offers Beverage Buffet for a fee of $2.50 per person.  Beverages include coffee, tea, and water.   

Bestow offers a variety of items to embellish your special event, priced as follows:


Rental List

White Dinner Plate   $0.50
White Salad/Dessert $0.50
White Soup Bowl $0.50
White Cup/Mug $0.50
Antique Dinner Plate $1.25
Antique Salad/Dessert $1.25
Antique Soup Bowl $1.25
Antique Cup/Saucer $1.25
Antique Settings may be limited
Water Glass $0.35
Wine Glass $0.75
Champagne Glass $0.50
Flatware Place Setting $1.50
Spoons $0.25
Dessert/Salad Fork $0.25
Serving Ware $0.25
Salt & Pepper Shaker $0.50
Serving Platter Lg. $2.00
Serving Platter Sm. $1.00
Serving Bowl –White $3.00
Cream & Sugar Set $2.00
Large Coffee Maker $5.00
Pump Pot Single $2.00
Water Cooler w/Spigot $5.00
Napkin-White/Aqua $0.50
Table Cloth $10.00
Bistro Cloth $10.00
Table Runner $3.00
Votive $0.25

Prices are subject to change.


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Pricing subject to change.

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